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Our company is 100% carbon neutral, we sell Fairtrade Gold, and a portion of our profits goes to charity.

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Get direct answers to your questions about diamonds and jewellery from our professional craftsmen.

Excellent Craftmanship

The quality of our work is never compromised. All our jewellery is Australian-made and guaranteed for life.

Engagement Rings

With our years of experience, we can design and craft exquisite engagement rings that are as individual as you are.

Let one of our experienced jewelers guide you to a design that fits your style, and select loose diamonds, sapphires, or another colored gemstone from carefully sourced pieces. Every engagement ring from our studio workshops is made with love and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Wedding Rings

Our wide range of wedding rings includes designs for men and women, or you can create your own unique design.

You can choose from a wide selection of metal types, diamonds, and gemstones, along with expert advice on selecting the perfect wedding band for you. By making your own wedding bands, you can even experience our workshops first-hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company makes engagement and wedding rings, as well as eternity rings, dress rings, earrings, and pendants.

Definitely. As a specialist in making engagement rings, we can customize them to the finest detail to ensure that every detail matches your wedding ring. Whether you need earrings to match a vintage engagement ring or a vintage pendant, we are here to help.

The complexity of your design will determine the time it will take. It usually takes us 3 to 7 weeks to create a custom piece. The quality is worth the wait and cannot be rushed. Our team will always give you an accurate timeframe before you place your order.

The benefit of custom-made jewellery is that you get exactly what you want. There is often no need to compromise your vision and the price is often comparable to ready-made. An expert can help you choose the right diamond and style, and ensure your piece stands the test of time.

Definitely. The gemstones we specialize in include pink diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarine and tanzanite, and we have a variety of loose stones to choose from. View our selection of sapphire engagement rings here.

Certainly, we have clients throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. If you are in Australia, we can provide you with phone consultations and email collaborations, and we can mail you the final piece fully insured.